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Tuesday, 20 June 2017


Edition 004

Final Thoughts: Sushi Edition 

By Vanessa Reyes & Laura Monterrosa

Have you ever wondered how the school’s sushi compares to other ones in the market? Even though your answer is most likely no, we decided to compare them as a means of determining which one provides the best overall experience at its price.vs.JPG

 lali 1.JPG
L: Sushi is an amazing vegetarian option! At SOHO they give you 8 veggie rolls for $5.95, making it an extremely affordable option for anyone looking for a cheap, yet appetizing, meal. Even though the price was convenient and the taste was superb, they took a considerable amount of time preparing it. I’m not one to rush perfection, however, making a person wait an hour and a half for food is just outright ridiculous, especially if they are the only ones at the restaurant.

*The only thing that saved this rating was our beaming waitress who did not fail to comfort us after they took AN HOUR AND A HALF PREPARING OUR FOOD!

For us non-vegetarians, things aren’t as cheap. Sushi rolls at SOHO can go up to $14.00 and is tempting to splurge. However the overall atmosphere of the restaurant makes up for it, as you feel as if you are in a fancier place. Apart from that the sushi is pretty good, it feels fresh and you can enjoy many different varieties. The only thing I can actually judge from SOHO is the service though. As it really boils my pot when people advertise their wifi as “open”, when it is actually blocked.

Rant Section: As you can see below SOHO is also a good place to hang out with friends, as they join as many tables as needed. Sadly amongst my group there was someone really rude who asked for their food to be packaged before I had the chance to finish my plate.

L: Moreover, things are remarkably different for vegetarians when it comes to the school’s sushi. There was just one option, which included crab, therefore I had to destroy the roll to remove it. The taste was nothing to rave about, nonetheless, it was exceptional given the price. However, it is noteworthy to mention that it costs only $2, meaning that it is very accessible for students who are seeking something different for lunch.

V: In the cafeteria there was only one type of sushi available, but this was still a novelty for the school. The amount was substantial but it lacked presentation and freshness; as in comparison to SOHO, AL GUSTO sells pre made food. However the fact that it was pre made, was somewhat an advantage as we didn’t have to die waiting. Another factor we took into account was that the sushi at the cafeteria does not include a table. Meaning that we cannot make a fair comparison in relation to setting.   

Al Gusto is not specialised in Japanese Cuisine, therefore we ignored details such as the fact one piece was “messy”.



Even Though SOHO had a better ambiance, as well as flavour this time around AL GUSTO takes the prize. This is because we got our food quickly and at a very good value; taking in account that we got approximately the same amount of product but at a fraction of the cost. However I wouldn’t go as far as saying the investigation was a complete success, as both places are marketed for completely different people and therefore have a completely different mission. Creating limitations within our comparison.

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