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Tuesday, 20 June 2017


Edition 004

Game Review Of "The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild"- By Diego Mina

The Legend Of Zelda is a great game franchise which was first released in 1986 with the first game in the series with the same name. It has had 19 releases to this date, the most recent one being “The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild” released in March 3rd of 2017 for the Wii U and the Nintendo Switch. This was a release title for the nintendo switch, along with 1-2 Switch and “Bomberman R”. Breath Of The Wild is a great game and it is why I will be reviewing such title for today. Keep in mind ONE THING.

We begin in the land of hyrule, where the hero of legend, Link (You used to be able to name your character but I guess Nintendo was tired of you naming your character something stupid) has awaken from a 100 slumber on regeneration. It turns out the land has fallen and is under attack by ganon’s forces. You must awake all four divine beasts and regain the land.

This game is an homage to the original Legend Of Zelda. These 2 games have one thing in common, they are the only free roam games in the series. What I really love about TLOZ:BOTW (Short for The Legend Of Zelda:Breath Of The Wild cuz I got lazy and decided to put the abbreviation) is that after beating the starting area you can go straight ahead and have a go at the final dungeon and boss. Yet it is extremely hard to beat the game at that stage, where you have no armour and your only weapons are clubs and weak swords. As of the 13th of June, 2017, the fastest a player has been able to beat the game is in 39m:57s (Ikkitrix from USA). My personal record is 7h:28m. But you can also take it slow and go at your own pace, beat it including the divine beasts and what not. There are more than a few side quests, these are divided into 3 categories, Main Quests, Shrine Quests and Side Quests. Main Quests are the ones you have to complete to get the True/Good Ending as there are two endings. Shrine Quests are quests you must complete to access a locked shrine. Shrines are sort of like….short dungeons in the game. There are 120 of these shrines. Side Quests are your regular plain quests which imply mostly simple tasks such as hunting for bugs and/or materials. But there is one quest which beats the hard level in all of the previously mentioned quests. This is the Korok Seed Hunting Quest. Koroks are these little creatures which are scattered all around the map. 900 to be exact. Keep in mind this map is bigger than that of most RPG’s as this game map is over 300 sq km. This ain't an easy task and all the hunting turns out to only be for an inventory expansion.

This game uses many mechanics from other Free-Roam RPG’s, such as cooking elixirs and food to get buffs, the use of different armour and weapons and the use of horses and other creatures to ride around the map. These creatures classify into 2 categories, those that can be registered at a stable and those that you can't.

One thing I really love is how they make references and cameos of different items, areas and characters from past games. The music couldn't be better. I bought the collector's edition which included the soundtrack. It is soothing yet so intense at times. It uses different cultures as bases for different towns such as Kokiri Town being based off of Japan’s Kyoto region.
This game couldn't be more perfect. It was given a 10/10 by IGN, a 5/5 by Common Sense Media and a 97% by Metacritic. In my opinion, I think it deserves 9.9/10 since there always is chance to make it better. Lets just hope that the DLC doesn't suck and I wasted 20 bucks on a sucky new storyline and modes.

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