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Thursday, 18 May 2017


Edition 003

Thinking of Yesterday
Original Song by Isabella Santamaría

“It hurts so bad
To watch you leave this
And I know I’m overstepping,
but please just stop pretending like you care…”

Listen more here:

This original song by Isabella Santamaría, a 10th grade student from the ABC. The Paw Print editors profoundly congratulate this student, we are in awe of her talent. This song is a MUST LISTEN! Your lyrics and voice are great, Isabella.
We hope you guys enjoy her song and video as much as we did. We want to encourage others to send videos of their talents, the ABC is rich in outstanding people.

-Daniela and Andrés


Edition 003
Treble vs. Duodécima
By Luis Samuel Rivera

Juventus will be looking forward  to win their first treble (Serie A, Coppa Italia and Champions league). Real Madrid wants “La Duodécima”, their 12ve European Trophy, and be the first team to win the Champions League two years in a row.

In the 2nd leg of the semi-finals, Juventus won against Monaco with a comfortable 2-1 victory. With an outstanding Dani Alves who assisted Mandžukić, and later Dani Alves scored with a good volley. In the second half, Mbappé, who is 18 years old, scored against Buffon whose 39. But there weren’t any surprises. Juventus got their ticket to Cardiff with a 4-1 triumph on aggregate goals.
On the other hand, Real Madrid lost against Atlético 2-1, but with Madrid’s 3-0 victory in the 1st leg, they still went through with a 4-2 on aggregate goals. Atlético scored with a header from Saúl, after a corner from Koke, then Varane committed a penalty and Griezmann scored. Atlético thought they would comeback, but then Benzema, leaving everyone behind, assisted Kroos whose shot was stopped by Oblak and Isco finished the play-scoring a goal and smashing Atlético’s hopes of a comeback. Then Real Madrid dominated and Atlético disappeared, and Real Madrid enjoyed the ball, and finally sealed their pass to the final, for the 3rd time in the last 4 years.

Edition 003


By Paulina Alarcon - http://the-words-worth.blogspot.com/2017/03/betrayal.html 
Everything within her shatters,
Wounds on her soul open, her eyes do too.
Realization and utter shock invades her senses.
A current of spoken lies had clouded her judgement.

Her heart was stabbed by a piercing knife;
One who was supposed to watch her back
Twisting, shoving, slowly, killing her inside and out.

She gave him all, she gave him trust.
But her heart became cold.
When that expectation was crushed,
She found she had been wrong all along.

It was a lesson, that made her bold.
She learned to trust none.
She will forget not a single word from
those deceitful lips that had whispered

“I care".


Edition 003

November 9 - Book Review
By Paulina Alarcon (read more of her on http://the-words-worth.blogspot.com/ )

“November 9”. Wow. I give this book a 4 ½ stars. I loved it maybe even a little bit more than “All the bright places” but yet again, they are both completely different stories for different people. “November 9”, well, it surprised me, it did. It was this complex story with another story inside it, so actually it was two stories in one. It all begins with this girl named Fallon which has a terrible accident on November 9, It leaves her a huge permanent scar; a painful reminder of all the things she lost after the accident, her self- esteem as well as her acting career. So then this boy, Ben comes along and they meet in the most wierd possible way and have such odd but strong chemistry and attraction that they keep seeing each other every year on November 9 and so the book elapses with them meeting every November 9. However that's not all, as the book proceeds we discover November 9, the actual date, has many mysteries behind it, not only was it the day it almost took away her life but it's also connected with everything around her; including Ben. So the story unwraps itself with a shocking revelation, which is not even the slightest guessable, believe me, I don't want to brag, but I'm a pro at guessing the endings of books but wow, didn’t see that ending coming. 

Moving on, what actually took my breath away about this book was the structure of it, how it was divided and how incredibly original it was. Colleen Hoover made a great job doing such a quaint and thrilling masterpiece, that not only hooked me up all day and night but conveyed really strong feelings; I lived the story. The characters were excellent; Fallon, the main character wasn't all that extraordinary but she had something that made her congenial and a story that made her interesting. Ben, he was charming and handsome and a little mysterious, he actually reminded me a lot about Finch from “All the bright places” (see my blog for this review) I also liked the passion both lovers had, it was strong and powerful. “November 9” is now definitely one of my favourite stories. It wasn't cheesy or delusional, well maybe that's debatable, but it did made me laugh and cry and scream and sigh, it really was an incredible adventure. Huge bonus points for that. The plot and its story was original and interesting with a lot of  turning points and mysteries. The coverpage was really cute and simple, I liked it. One on the few things I didn't give this book a 5 star rating was the fact that they only talked and saw each other one day every year, that did make it a little unrealistic and sometimes the character would fight and would leave unfinished business but they wouldn't talk about it or say anything till next year. Still,  it was part of all the original and creative idea so all the good parts actually overshadowed  the bad ones. This book was amazing I totally recommend it to anyone, this one is definitely a must read!

More on… http://the-words-worth.blogspot.com/  

Edition 003

By Kamila Monroy
Diddy Cropped Kendall and Kylie Out Of A Photo And Now It’s Going Viral!

Kylie posted a photo from the Met Gala. The photo featured Diddy, Wiz Khalifa, Migos, Travis Scott, Jaden Smith and the Jenners.


The rapper (Diddy) posted the photo again.. But with a notorious change, he cropped Kylie and Kendall Jenner.

Obviously, as soon Diddy posted the photo. The internet noticed it and were obsessed with the crop:


And #DiddyCrop meme began…



Edition 003


This is Andres Alejandro Hernandez Valle. He is 17 years old and plays soccer here at ABC and  has many opportunities to play with professional teams. He is making his way to become great soccer player!

Andres Hernandez at the age of four started playing soccer. His Grandfather first got him into soccer. He trained for 3 days every week at the age of four, now he trains every day from 2pm-4pm or 4pm-6pm.

As a young boy Andres saw his Dad has his role model. Andres said that his dad had supported him throughout his time playing soccer. His father always gave him criticism after games in order to help make Andres a better player. His Father wasn’t the only person supporting Andres, his entire family always supported him. Even his friends always sent him good wishes when he had a game or a trial.

His other professional player role model used to be Ronaldo, but now he admires players such as Messi and Neymar. Andres said he would have like to play for Barcelona if he entered the League.

The biggest trial that Andres had to face was when he had to go to Argentina for training, he found it new since this was something he has never done before.


Edition 003

K-pop FAB or TRASH
April K-pop Recommendation
DIA – Will You Go Out With Me?
April 18th, 2017 - Sofia Martinez
Disclaimer: I didn’t even bother to watch this music video in 1080p cuz they ain’t worth my wifi so that’s why the pictures are low-quality.
To put it simply: I hate DIA. If you ask me which group is like the most untalented, DIA is at the top of my list. Their music is such shxt that they can’t even chart in the Top 100.
DIA is a 9-membered girl group from this company called MBK Entertainment. I think DIA debuted in 2015 or something like that (I don’t care really) and they’ve been flopping[1] ever since. I don’t know if MBK is missing a brain (or several) or whatever but they’ve been trying since forever to get this group to succeed and it ain’t working for them. Besides DIA been untalented af, MBK promotes them instead of T-ARA, a girl group that actually charts, sells, has some sort of recognition from the audience. T-ARA are legends; but we’re not here to talk about them today.
[Half of this video are screenshots of the texts, like I am here to see visuals not some random convo with some random guy]
So basically, the video is about this girl, Chaeyeon, text-dating her boyfriend (how lame tho) and walking around Tokyo. Her friends are also in Tokyo, they meet up and in the end her boyfriend breaks up with her (I think. I don’t know Korean after all).
Why I hate DIA so much: They are untalented, I mean, they only have like two talented people; the main rapper[2], Heehyun, and the main dancer, Eunjin (btw those are like the two of the three names that I know). Also, I heard that this comeback they wrote and composed all their songs, however, in my opinion, for you to do all those things you have to have some sort of tone recognition and these girls are like the queens of tone deafness. So many members and they don’t have a main vocal; sad, in all honesty.
[Heehyun (left) and Eunjin (right) everybody]
Chaeyeon is like MBK’s golden girl cause she’s so famous in Korea due to being a former member of project girl group I.O.I. This already disbanded group (I’m crying as I write this) was formed after hit show Produce 101, where 101 female trainees competed for the top 11 spots with the goal of debuting for a year. Chaeyeon got in (Top 7) but only because of her outstanding visuals and not her talent. MBK puts her in the centre of all dances, she gets the most amount of screen time in their music videos, she has been in like 2 K-dramas already, and has modelled like a lot. For having trained like 6 months, she sure does get all the spotlight.
[She’s pretty, all right, but I mean where’s the talent…]
Another reason why I hate DIA: they like, think they’re a band…? As far as I know only one of these chicks know how to play an instrument and it’s a guitar *insert the unimpressed emoji here*. Chaeyeon plays the tambourine for fxxk’s sake, and some other girl plays the xylophone as if k-pop is in need of the use of a xylophone when everything is manufactured in a computer.
Image result for dia mr pottER showcase

WHO THOUGHT THAT THIS WAS A GOOD DANCE MOVE LIKE WHO ARE YOU PAYING TO DO THESE THINGS MBK. And I am so done with DIA being all about pastel colours, there’s more colours out there you know.
In conclusion, stan talent.

[1] Flop, verb flopping: unsuccessful, nobody cares
[2] Main rapper: Member that is in charge of rapping. Usually they are very good but there are exceptions.


Edition 003

Let’s Play
Graciela Carolina Menjivar

“Come on Liam! Are you scared?” William said.
“But are you sure nothing bad is gonna happen?” I answered
“Yeah dude, I promise everything is going to be alright... Are you playing or not?”
“Yeah, I guess” I said doubtfully
“So what you have to do is say ‘Ethan’ 5 times in front of a mirror with a candle lighted up, then you will fog up the mirror and write ‘Let’s play’ with your finger”
“That is lame dude, but whatever, I’ll do it.” I said with a laugh.

Why did I even do it? I thought that it was an innocent and non-harmful game but, it wasn’t. I still remember how his whispers crept behind my back when mentioning his name.
The first night I couldn’t even close my eyes… I remember going to the bathroom to wash my face hoping that it was only a bad dream but… He was there. Ethan, a 10 year old blonde boy was standing next to me and staring at me with those blue, big and round powerful eyes. I tried to ignore him but it was impossible because he was always there.
The second night I felt his cold index finger tapping my shoulder when I was brushing my teeth, I wasn't brave enough to look at him so I just tried to pretend that he wasn't there. When Ethan noticed that I was ignoring him, he looked deeply into the mirror and with a big smile he said “Let’s play”. A tear ran down my cheek. I was petrified and didn’t know what to do. I simply closed my eyes for 2 seconds and he was gone.
For 2 whole months, he kept bugging me, and I tried not to tell anyone because I knew it was my fault. He will keep waking me up at midnight asking me if I wanted to play but I always ignored him, until one night. And I regret that night.
“Let’s play” Ethan said eagerly.
“Okay, but what do you wanna play?” I said with a doubt
“Actually, you are not the one playing” He said
“What do you mean?” I asked. At this moment I could feel how my heart wanted to escape from my chest.
Ethan slowly came closer to me and surrounded my neck with his cold lifeless hands until I was out of breath. Then with his claw looking nails he wrote on my arm the name ‘William’. “Who do you wanna pick next?” Ethan said with a whisper on my ear. I was so confused at this stage and I couldn't take it any longer so I screamed my lungs out until I was completely blanked.
Now I’m here, alone, in this padded cell. “Alone”. I’m not actually alone, I can see Ethan standing right in front of me. I swear I’m not crazy! Can’t you see him? He is standing right there in front of you, holding a candle and wearing a white gown. He is right there! Can’t you feel his presence? Don’t you feel his breath and whispers? Because I do! And careful… You dont wanna be my pick...

Wednesday, 5 April 2017


Edition 002

Napkin Reviews

By Amanda Toledo & Mariana Leiva

A napkin review
From two poetry loving

We’ll use this new segment, which we have entitled ‘napkin reviews’ to share with you guys our cheap, chill and non literary reviews about some AMAZING works of poetry.

I know that you might be wondering who the hell would actually read or listen to poetry when it’s not a curriculum requirement; and well let me tell you that there are at least two weird geeks in this planet who still enjoy a good old verse. - But WAIT! - Before you skip on to the next article watch the next vid, and remember that poetry aint all about Shakespeare!

Zombie- Destroying Abuelita II by Jonathan Mendoza & Melissa Lozada-Oliva

About the video:
An apocalypse!?
Guess my abuelita will
Need more platanos :D

Since we are bringing the 90’s back, why shouldn’t we bring Slam Poetry back?
For those who are oblivious to the magic of this AWESOME spoken word performance, Slam Poetry is a competition in which poets recite original work before an audience. This poems are highly political, talking about racial, gender and economic injustices as well as current or important issues - a.k.a. What to do in a zombie apocalypse if you are a 82 years old grandma - As we could listen in the video, this hipster poets approached delicate themes as abuse, immigration and racial issues and still managed to crack us up! I mean words truly are amazing!

Follow these literary babes!

Melissa Lozada-Oliva Jonathan Mendoza
@ellomelissa @jmendoza010
http://melissalozadaolivadoespoems.tumblr.com/ http://mendozapoetry.com/
That’s it from us!
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