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Wednesday, 5 April 2017


Edition 002

Napkin Reviews

By Amanda Toledo & Mariana Leiva

A napkin review
From two poetry loving

We’ll use this new segment, which we have entitled ‘napkin reviews’ to share with you guys our cheap, chill and non literary reviews about some AMAZING works of poetry.

I know that you might be wondering who the hell would actually read or listen to poetry when it’s not a curriculum requirement; and well let me tell you that there are at least two weird geeks in this planet who still enjoy a good old verse. - But WAIT! - Before you skip on to the next article watch the next vid, and remember that poetry aint all about Shakespeare!

Zombie- Destroying Abuelita II by Jonathan Mendoza & Melissa Lozada-Oliva

About the video:
An apocalypse!?
Guess my abuelita will
Need more platanos :D

Since we are bringing the 90’s back, why shouldn’t we bring Slam Poetry back?
For those who are oblivious to the magic of this AWESOME spoken word performance, Slam Poetry is a competition in which poets recite original work before an audience. This poems are highly political, talking about racial, gender and economic injustices as well as current or important issues - a.k.a. What to do in a zombie apocalypse if you are a 82 years old grandma - As we could listen in the video, this hipster poets approached delicate themes as abuse, immigration and racial issues and still managed to crack us up! I mean words truly are amazing!

Follow these literary babes!

Melissa Lozada-Oliva Jonathan Mendoza
@ellomelissa @jmendoza010
http://melissalozadaolivadoespoems.tumblr.com/ http://mendozapoetry.com/
That’s it from us!
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Edition 002

Final thoughts
Vanessa Reyes & Laura Monterrosa
A la vista baby
For our first article we decided to compare the food available at two different ‘comida a la vista’ restaurants in supermarkets, Super Selectos and Walmart, to determine which one provides the best food at the best price.

As for vegetarian options, Super Selectos was a notably good option. I decided to get a side of ‘casamiento’, salad, and potatoes, totalling $1.65. In my opinion, this was extremely affordable and the taste was surprisingly good, given the fact that I didn’t expect much. On the other hand, Walmart had extremely limited vegetarian options, with the three things I ordered being the only. Therefore, my plate consisted of ‘frijoles’, ‘coditos’ and ‘platanos fritos’, which costed and tasted like $1.70.

Super Selectos had several options to choose from, ranging from the more classic frijoles con platanos to french fries and chicken. This time I decided to go down the riskier route and leave Laura with the frijoles. My order included fried chicken, fries (very American style) and a pastelito1 (a cult favourite) totaling $2.04, definitely a good deal. However compared to other options such as pollo campero where 2 pieces + fries = $1.99, it becomes more of an issue of preference. In Walmart there were still a lot of options for non-vegetarians, but they weren’t as overwhelming as in Super Selectos. To make things fair, I stuck to the same options: Chicken, fries and a pastelito, for a true flavour battle. Only this time the total came to $2.75 what honestly shocked me taking in account the food was the same.

Final Verdict
Flavour: Walmart
The pastelito was bad, the chicken was honestly the same, but the fries were far better. Likewise, the coditos were horrible, the frijoles were okay but the platanos were not bad.

Quantity: Walmart
The size of the chicken leg in Super Selectos was insulting compared to the piece of Walmart, compensating the size of the pastelito. However, the amount of food was definitely overwhelming.

Setting: Super Selectos
Super selectos wins this category hands down, not only because it's a newer and more modern construction, but because of the amount of choices they had making it almost a mini food court.

Service: Super Selectos
Neither was particularly good, as in Super Selectos the woman just wanted to get over with the line and in Walmart everyone was distracted because of the game (Barcelona vs PSG), however the police officer at Walmart greeted us with a bunch of profanities.

Price: Super Selectos
Even Though the portions were larger at Walmart, Super selectos had the best balance and value.

Super Selectos

Vanessa: I would give my vote to Walmart as it made me feel the true “comida a la vista” experience, but I would honestly return more to Super Selectos, as there are still endless combinations I could try at a better price.

Laura: My clear winner was Super Selectos owing to the surprisingly good selection of vegetarian options that Walmart was not close to having.

Final thought: “If my last dinner had to be at a supermarket, I’d choose Super Selectos”

Note: We were not judging drinks this time, but if we did, Super Selectos would have won as well even though WE DIDN'T even try them (the cebada they were selling looked perfect, incredibly perfect). In Walmart, however, we were given salva colas when we ordered 7up (???).


(pas-te-li-to:a corn flour empanada filled with either ground beef or chicken and vegetable mix)


Edition 002

31 days of bliss
By: Mariana Cabrera

  1. De Pies a Cabeza - Maná ft. Nicky Jam
  2. Shaded In - Filous ft. Jordan Leser
  3. Thief - Ansel Elgort
  4. Something Just Like This - The Chainsmokers ft. Coldplay
  5. Message In a Bottle - The Police
  6. Ocean Drive - Duke Dumont
  7. Love - Lana Del Rey
  8. You Know You Like It - DJ Snake
  9. R U Mine? - Arctic Monkeys
  10. Bitter Sweet Symphony - The Verve
  11. Pillow Fight-Galantis
  12. El Amante - Nicky Jam
  13. Don’t Wanna Know - Maroon 5
  14. Subeme La Radio - Enrique Iglesias
  15. Alone - Alan Walker
  16. Seasons -Shaggy ft. OMI
  17. Scared To Be Lonely - Martin Garrix
  18. Addicted To You - Avicii
  19. Bailar Contigo - Carlos Vives
  20. Start A Fire - John Legend
  21. Popcorn - Boostee
  22. Alone Together - Fall Out Boy
  23. Hypnotized - Coldplay
  24. Breezeblocks - alt-J
  25. Santeria - Sublime
  26. Lose It - Oh Wonder
  27. Tear In My Heart - Twenty One Pilots
  28. Believer - Imagine Dragons
  29. Perfect - Ed Sheeran
  30. Tell Me Baby - Red Hot Chili Peppers
  31. Goldmine - White Lies


Edition 002

Fab💁 or Trash💩 

By: Sofia Martinez
March’s K-pop Recommendation:
GFRIEND – Fingertip
March 6, 2017
GFRIEND is my bias[1] group and they slay[2] me; they’ve been snatching wigs[3] since debut.
I’m not saying that GFRIEND saved 2017, but GFRIEND saved 2017. Let me tell you, this comeback was extremely FAB. Stan[4] GFRIEND, stan talent.
A little backstory on GFRIEND: they come from a small entertainment company, Source Music Entertainment, founded by a previous SM Entertainment employee. They are the only group under the company, having debuted back in 2015. They boomed in 2015 when they performed at a wet stage and fell 9 times, showing the world through CNN news that even if life gets hard, you should always get back up. Last year was their year, having won an overall of 29 trophies in music shows; they are the top 6 girl group with most music show wins and considered in the top 5 most influential girl groups in South Korea now. At year-end awards, they won various Best Dance Performance (female category). They are the queens of synchronicity, no step or hair out of order; also, known as queens of power innocence.
Fingertip is an 80s-inspired pop song, kinda like new jack swing (if you wanna know how it sounds, google it) featuring the best dance break ever from GFRIEND, breath taking vocals, heavenly visuals and a fxxcked up storyline.
If you want to be slayed, GFRIEND is the group you want to get into. The members are Sowon (golden proportions[5] leader), Yerin (hyper lead dancer[6]), Eunha (sweet lead vocal), Yuju (glorious main vocal), SinB (prodigious main dancer[7] and Jessica Jung[8] look-alike), and Umji (lovable maknae). They are one hell of a talented group.
First of all, the music video shows Eunha (girl with short hair) falling into deep slumber, SinB coming out of her like a soul. Then, SinB goes throughout the video shooting at her members and acting all mysterious. At the end of the video, like any “good” creative writing piece, it was all just a dream…An anticlimactic end to what I hope is a killing trilogy.
This type of vid and concept is new for GFRIEND and Source Music alike (just imagine all the cash Source Music had to spill to create this piece of fine art). As said before, GFRIEND were previously known as power innocence queens, their songs upbeat and fun but with an air naivete.

[GFRIEND through the ages (see what I mean)]
Basically, there are a lot of ways that the video can be interpreted as and I truly think it depends on the viewer. I just know that this is not finished which is why I dare not make too many crazy ideas just yet.
Let’s take a moment to appreciate, be snatched, and praise GFRIEND and their complete miraculous existence…

Please just wait a little longer for a TRASH segment. Currently K-pop has been snatching so many wigs that I cannot bring myself to dislike any song

[1] Bias: Favourite idol group or member. A person may have one ultimate bias group/member, and many other biases from other groups, or only have one ultimate bias.
[2] Slay: Killed it. Succeeded in something amazing.
[3] Snatching wigs: Stealing titles/claims to fame.
[4] Stan: A fan who is nearly obsessed with a group or star
[5] Golden proportions: Perfect body i.e. long, slim legs, small waist, overall small frame, taller than average.
[6] Lead dancer: Second best dancer in the group
[7] Main dancer: Best dancer in the group. Represents dance in the group. Is the centre for most part of the dance.
[8] Jessica Jung: Ex-member of Girls’ Generation. Soloist, actress and beauty/fashion guru.


Edition 002

Yellow- By Graciela Menjivar

I was getting some work done when I heard a loud cry that came from my daughter’s bedroom. As soon as I heard it, I ran straight to her bedroom only to find out that the door was locked, and in front of the door I found a note that read:

Dear Diary,
I love my mommy. She is the best human in the whole wide world! I love daddy too, but not as much as I love my mum… Daddy doesnt believe me when I tell him that there is a boy in the closet. He told me that I should stop thinking about it, but i just can't. Mommy believes me, and she used to spray every night a ‘Go away monsters’ repellent in my closet and it was working! However, mommy left a long time ago and I don’t know when she will come, I told daddy he should use that repellent, but he doesn’t want to.
I’m trying to sleep but I can’t because the boy keeps looking at me. Is he a boy? I don't know. He is funny looking…He doesn't have legs, and has only one arm, he has dark hair, yellow bright eyes and pale skin.. He looks sad, and I want to talk to him, but I don't like the way he looks at me. Those yellow eyes captivate me... I just wanna get closer, but I’m scared. Oh look! He just opened the closet! HE IS COMING! DAD! HE IS COMING! HE IS WALKING TOWARDS ME! HE IS C…

Immediately I called the police. They tried to open the door but it was impossible for some reason… After two hours, an officer at last had the idea to look through the keyhole. “What did you see?” another policeman asked. The officer answered with a loud  wail, “NO! NO! STOP! YOU WON'T GET ME! YELLOW! ALL YELLOW! IM TELLING YOU! YOU WON'T GET ME! STOP WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING!”. The officer started to yell at the top of his lungs, and started to run and hit everything he saw. Another officer called the nearest asylum, and told them to come as fast as possible. When the doctors finally came they injected some sort of substance to the officer. “Settle down, please sir.” the doctor politely order. “Yellow… Everything was yellow” the officer confirmed.

Sunday, 19 February 2017


Edition 001

How biodiverse is the ABC’s campus?
David Garcia, H.A. project leader.

Have you ever stopped to think of the biodiversity on campus? Have you ever truly payed attention to the thousands of bugs? The hundreds of birds? The stealthy mammals roaming the green areas and rooftops of the school? If you have, you would have noticed the wide variety of species of bugs and animals, plants and all things that live on campus, but you may have not gone as far as to classify them.

The H.A. Project (Habitat Awareness) is a project I have created along with some of my peers that is looking to fix that, and to create a database of as many of the schools creatures as possible. Take for example one of the most common finds around school, the social flycatcher (pictured below). Have you ever  stopped to think what this type of avian’s corresponding name is? Considered its habits, lifespan, and other basic facts? Every creature in the ABC has it’s own array of facts and interesting data to explore. We are attempting to increase everyone's awareness of the many different species of animals, insects and plants that reside within the ABC, enriching the campuses biodiversity. We also wish to raise awareness of the impacts humans may have on these creatures, how our actions affect them. We would like the ABC’s biodiversity to be interpreted by its students as a microcosm of the entire world's biodiversity, and in doing so encourage analytical thinking about how our actions impact the many thousands of living things, other than humans, that live among us, and encourage the protection and good treatment of these creatures.

For now, the purpose of this article, is to begin to encourage you, the reader, to think more deeply about your actions and to consider how they may be affecting these creatures in the ABC. However, we also want you to think more on a wider scale, outside of school, around the world, how our actions may be affecting the lives of these creatures that enrich the world around that create a better ambience and  a richer diversity.

In the near future we will classify as many of the creatures as possible and create an exposition to show the students at the ABC how diverse the school actually is, and open their eyes towards the significance of their actions, and the actions of humans around the world in regards to the environment.  To quote Mahatma Gandhi, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”. We strongly believe in this and would like to ask you, the reader to consider ways in which you can improve the environment and reduce your ecological footprint at our school, in our country,  and around the world. We will continue to expand our project and will cover issues other than those just relating to the school in more detail, such as issues affecting the wider environment. We hope you will take the lead and inspire others around you to do so as well, for the greater good of the school's ecosystem and the world's.


Edition 001

💥The LIT Section💥
-Matias George Hudson

Welcome to the LIT section, where we keep you updated on the most LIT things going on around the world today!

Internet Section

Cee Lo Green Takes over the internet.

After well-known superstar Cee Lo Green turned up to the grammys in this outstandingly odd but somewhat attractive full golden bodysuit, he completely took over the internet by storm.

And as we all know, the internet NEVER fails us…  

As we can see by these vicious memes, the internet has striked once again, and we must ask ourselves, what on earth was Cee Lo thinking? But oh well, at least it made for some pretty LIT memes.

Music Section

Big Sean’s New Album

“I decided.” is the fourth studio album by Detroit rapper Big Sean, and trust me, it is seriously LIT… with it’s concept being about Big Sean trying to find who he is and how decisions are important in the lives we live, and it’s most notable feature being the GOAT, Eminem, the album took over critics and charts by surprise. The album was supported by the two singles “Bounce Back” and “Moves” in which Big Sean proves to us he is a serious spiritual lyrical miracle individual, delivering fresh bars and catchy hooks, he has really managed to hit the definition of LIT with this one.

Sports Section

Dybala Mask

I think anyone of you who is a football fan knows of the young Argentine, Paulo Dybala. For those who don’t… let’s just say he’s a very popular upcoming star in the world of football playing for Juventus in Italy. In football we see many different celebrations, some of which are horrific, and others which are actually quite catchy and could even be considered as LIT. A perfect example of this would be Paul Pogba’s dab…
However there are people who’d say that’s old news now, as Dybala has come out with what is known as the “Dybala Mask”, nobody dabs anymore, we all just do the Dybala Mask, take a look…
I don't know what it is that makes it so incredible, but let’s admit it, it has taken over the internet, and it just is LIT I guess footballers who have played for Juventus have a thing with coming up with trendy celebrations.