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Sunday, 19 February 2017


Edition 001

How biodiverse is the ABC’s campus?
David Garcia, H.A. project leader.

Have you ever stopped to think of the biodiversity on campus? Have you ever truly payed attention to the thousands of bugs? The hundreds of birds? The stealthy mammals roaming the green areas and rooftops of the school? If you have, you would have noticed the wide variety of species of bugs and animals, plants and all things that live on campus, but you may have not gone as far as to classify them.

The H.A. Project (Habitat Awareness) is a project I have created along with some of my peers that is looking to fix that, and to create a database of as many of the schools creatures as possible. Take for example one of the most common finds around school, the social flycatcher (pictured below). Have you ever  stopped to think what this type of avian’s corresponding name is? Considered its habits, lifespan, and other basic facts? Every creature in the ABC has it’s own array of facts and interesting data to explore. We are attempting to increase everyone's awareness of the many different species of animals, insects and plants that reside within the ABC, enriching the campuses biodiversity. We also wish to raise awareness of the impacts humans may have on these creatures, how our actions affect them. We would like the ABC’s biodiversity to be interpreted by its students as a microcosm of the entire world's biodiversity, and in doing so encourage analytical thinking about how our actions impact the many thousands of living things, other than humans, that live among us, and encourage the protection and good treatment of these creatures.

For now, the purpose of this article, is to begin to encourage you, the reader, to think more deeply about your actions and to consider how they may be affecting these creatures in the ABC. However, we also want you to think more on a wider scale, outside of school, around the world, how our actions may be affecting the lives of these creatures that enrich the world around that create a better ambience and  a richer diversity.

In the near future we will classify as many of the creatures as possible and create an exposition to show the students at the ABC how diverse the school actually is, and open their eyes towards the significance of their actions, and the actions of humans around the world in regards to the environment.  To quote Mahatma Gandhi, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”. We strongly believe in this and would like to ask you, the reader to consider ways in which you can improve the environment and reduce your ecological footprint at our school, in our country,  and around the world. We will continue to expand our project and will cover issues other than those just relating to the school in more detail, such as issues affecting the wider environment. We hope you will take the lead and inspire others around you to do so as well, for the greater good of the school's ecosystem and the world's.

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