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Thursday, 16 February 2017


Edition 001

The Power of Young Hollywood 

By: Vanessa Núñez
Resultado de imagen de millie bobby brown

Resultado de imagen de lauren jauregui

The actors that you see nowadays usually started acting as little kids and with time they have become the biggest faces of Hollywood. Now there are some young actors or singers that are going on the same steps.Millie Bobby Brown, which you may know her as ‘Eleven’ from ‘Stranger Things’, is a fast rising actress who has already made her way into many red carpet events and many award shows. Few weeks ago she attended the Golden Globes award and her show won a prize. She is one of the most talked artists of the show and definitely loved by the fans. She has showed a great talent in what she does and amazes everyone with her unique style at red carpets. Many of her co - stars from stranger things are also getting into the big spotlight and will probably one day become the biggest stars of hollywood. Another of these future stars is one amazing singer, Grace Vanderwaal. She is known for winning America's Got Talent Season 11. Her amazing voice captivated many when a short video of her audition went viral on social media. The 13 year old arrived to her first audition with a song made by herself and using only a ukelele. It later became one of the four songs in her recent EP ‘Perfectly Imperfect’. She is close friends with Millie Bobby Brown and definitely in a near future they may be sharing the spotlight together. Vanderwaal, is now dedicating herself to making music and is know to participate in many events such as the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Last but not least we have Lauren Jauregui from the musical group ‘Fifth Harmony’. With just 20 years of age she is someone who has inspired many of her young female followers. Earlier in January she participated in The Women's March and expressed how important it was for women to feel like they have a voice and to be never let down by anyone. She also shared on social media her thoughts about President Donald Trump not liking or accepting Latin Americans since she is half Puerto Rican. Jauregui is known as a good role model for young girls and when it comes to her career her group has made it to high numbers on the billboards and being nominated to a variety of awards. We now know that in the future her and her group may even be headed for the Grammys.

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