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Wednesday, 15 February 2017


Edition 001

Fab💁 or Trash💩

- By: Sofia Martinez


For starters, this is the first ever thing I’ve written of K-pop for other people, to get them into the genre. K-pop, in my opinion, has elements which music that we currently listen to doesn’t have; for example, their songs have a choreography, different outfits for each performance (it’s almost a disgrace to use the same outfit for two different performances in K-pop), every group has a fandom[1] name and an official colour, etc. The point is, I’m here because K-pop is great and you should get into it.

This will be written based on the good or bad comebacks[2] or debuts[3] that have occurred that month, based on my likes and what I think people will like, or vice versa. They will be rated FAB or TRASH; FAB if it was really good and TRASH if it was really bad. On with it then:

February’s K-pop recommendation:

Don’t Say No -Seohyun
January 16, 2017

This solo debut was FAB definitely, what with Seohyun being the queen of girl group maknaes[4].

So, a little background information: Seohyun is a member of ultra-famous, Korea’s “National” Girl Group, Girl’s Generation. The group is under South Korea’s top entertainment company: SM Entertainment, house of many idol groups, actors, soloists, etc. Previously, SM Ent. had debuted Taeyeon (Girl’s Generation main vocalist[5] and leader[6]) back in October 2015, and Tiffany (lead vocalist[7]) in May 2016. These solo debuts earned them many successes and musical opportunities, so of course, the only one missing from this holy trinity of vocals was Seohyun. Just so you know, Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun are Girl’s Generation’s best vocalists (although, the whole group has seriously impressive vocal skills themselves, these girls stand out), having already formed a very successful sub-unit[8] called TTS (stands for their initials).
This year, SM Ent. finally graced us with the heaven-sent voice and visuals[9] of Seohyun.

“Don’t Say No” is a song that shows vocal prowess in an upbeat tempo, accompanied with the amazing but tasteful dance.

The song fits loosely in the genre of R&B and really she rocked them vocals. Applause for her because she manages to dance with a weird diamond shaped skirt, and coming from someone who has difficulty dancing with sport clothes, Seohyun was glorious.

If SM Ent. is good at something, it is them aesthetics. Everything fits perfectly with the theme of the song, the colours, props, costumes, dance. SM Ent. has become an expert at this, and really, we thank them for making our idols look so perfect all the time.

[1] Fandom: Fans of particular person/group regarded collectively as a community
[2] Comeback: New song/album released across a period of time from a group/soloist
[3] Debut: Group/soloist/actor first appearance to the public
[4] Maknae: Youngest member of the group
[5] Main vocalist: Best singer in the group. Usually gets the most lines in a song
[6] Leader: Leads the group, connection between company management and members, represents the group in awards ceremonies or shows
[7] Lead vocalist: Second best singer in the group. Ranks second in amount of lines given per song
[8] Sub-unit: Within the group, some selected members debut again with a song/album
[9] Visual: How pretty/handsome a member is (depends on the person too). In a group there is a member in charge of visuals (but honestly everybody is just so beautiful)

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