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Sunday, 19 February 2017


Edition 001

💥The LIT Section💥
-Matias George Hudson

Welcome to the LIT section, where we keep you updated on the most LIT things going on around the world today!

Internet Section

Cee Lo Green Takes over the internet.

After well-known superstar Cee Lo Green turned up to the grammys in this outstandingly odd but somewhat attractive full golden bodysuit, he completely took over the internet by storm.

And as we all know, the internet NEVER fails us…  

As we can see by these vicious memes, the internet has striked once again, and we must ask ourselves, what on earth was Cee Lo thinking? But oh well, at least it made for some pretty LIT memes.

Music Section

Big Sean’s New Album

“I decided.” is the fourth studio album by Detroit rapper Big Sean, and trust me, it is seriously LIT… with it’s concept being about Big Sean trying to find who he is and how decisions are important in the lives we live, and it’s most notable feature being the GOAT, Eminem, the album took over critics and charts by surprise. The album was supported by the two singles “Bounce Back” and “Moves” in which Big Sean proves to us he is a serious spiritual lyrical miracle individual, delivering fresh bars and catchy hooks, he has really managed to hit the definition of LIT with this one.

Sports Section

Dybala Mask

I think anyone of you who is a football fan knows of the young Argentine, Paulo Dybala. For those who don’t… let’s just say he’s a very popular upcoming star in the world of football playing for Juventus in Italy. In football we see many different celebrations, some of which are horrific, and others which are actually quite catchy and could even be considered as LIT. A perfect example of this would be Paul Pogba’s dab…
However there are people who’d say that’s old news now, as Dybala has come out with what is known as the “Dybala Mask”, nobody dabs anymore, we all just do the Dybala Mask, take a look…
I don't know what it is that makes it so incredible, but let’s admit it, it has taken over the internet, and it just is LIT I guess footballers who have played for Juventus have a thing with coming up with trendy celebrations.

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