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Wednesday, 5 April 2017


Edition 002

Fab💁 or Trash💩 

By: Sofia Martinez
March’s K-pop Recommendation:
GFRIEND – Fingertip
March 6, 2017
GFRIEND is my bias[1] group and they slay[2] me; they’ve been snatching wigs[3] since debut.
I’m not saying that GFRIEND saved 2017, but GFRIEND saved 2017. Let me tell you, this comeback was extremely FAB. Stan[4] GFRIEND, stan talent.
A little backstory on GFRIEND: they come from a small entertainment company, Source Music Entertainment, founded by a previous SM Entertainment employee. They are the only group under the company, having debuted back in 2015. They boomed in 2015 when they performed at a wet stage and fell 9 times, showing the world through CNN news that even if life gets hard, you should always get back up. Last year was their year, having won an overall of 29 trophies in music shows; they are the top 6 girl group with most music show wins and considered in the top 5 most influential girl groups in South Korea now. At year-end awards, they won various Best Dance Performance (female category). They are the queens of synchronicity, no step or hair out of order; also, known as queens of power innocence.
Fingertip is an 80s-inspired pop song, kinda like new jack swing (if you wanna know how it sounds, google it) featuring the best dance break ever from GFRIEND, breath taking vocals, heavenly visuals and a fxxcked up storyline.
If you want to be slayed, GFRIEND is the group you want to get into. The members are Sowon (golden proportions[5] leader), Yerin (hyper lead dancer[6]), Eunha (sweet lead vocal), Yuju (glorious main vocal), SinB (prodigious main dancer[7] and Jessica Jung[8] look-alike), and Umji (lovable maknae). They are one hell of a talented group.
First of all, the music video shows Eunha (girl with short hair) falling into deep slumber, SinB coming out of her like a soul. Then, SinB goes throughout the video shooting at her members and acting all mysterious. At the end of the video, like any “good” creative writing piece, it was all just a dream…An anticlimactic end to what I hope is a killing trilogy.
This type of vid and concept is new for GFRIEND and Source Music alike (just imagine all the cash Source Music had to spill to create this piece of fine art). As said before, GFRIEND were previously known as power innocence queens, their songs upbeat and fun but with an air naivete.

[GFRIEND through the ages (see what I mean)]
Basically, there are a lot of ways that the video can be interpreted as and I truly think it depends on the viewer. I just know that this is not finished which is why I dare not make too many crazy ideas just yet.
Let’s take a moment to appreciate, be snatched, and praise GFRIEND and their complete miraculous existence…

Please just wait a little longer for a TRASH segment. Currently K-pop has been snatching so many wigs that I cannot bring myself to dislike any song

[1] Bias: Favourite idol group or member. A person may have one ultimate bias group/member, and many other biases from other groups, or only have one ultimate bias.
[2] Slay: Killed it. Succeeded in something amazing.
[3] Snatching wigs: Stealing titles/claims to fame.
[4] Stan: A fan who is nearly obsessed with a group or star
[5] Golden proportions: Perfect body i.e. long, slim legs, small waist, overall small frame, taller than average.
[6] Lead dancer: Second best dancer in the group
[7] Main dancer: Best dancer in the group. Represents dance in the group. Is the centre for most part of the dance.
[8] Jessica Jung: Ex-member of Girls’ Generation. Soloist, actress and beauty/fashion guru.

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