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Wednesday, 5 April 2017


Edition 002

Final thoughts
Vanessa Reyes & Laura Monterrosa
A la vista baby
For our first article we decided to compare the food available at two different ‘comida a la vista’ restaurants in supermarkets, Super Selectos and Walmart, to determine which one provides the best food at the best price.

As for vegetarian options, Super Selectos was a notably good option. I decided to get a side of ‘casamiento’, salad, and potatoes, totalling $1.65. In my opinion, this was extremely affordable and the taste was surprisingly good, given the fact that I didn’t expect much. On the other hand, Walmart had extremely limited vegetarian options, with the three things I ordered being the only. Therefore, my plate consisted of ‘frijoles’, ‘coditos’ and ‘platanos fritos’, which costed and tasted like $1.70.

Super Selectos had several options to choose from, ranging from the more classic frijoles con platanos to french fries and chicken. This time I decided to go down the riskier route and leave Laura with the frijoles. My order included fried chicken, fries (very American style) and a pastelito1 (a cult favourite) totaling $2.04, definitely a good deal. However compared to other options such as pollo campero where 2 pieces + fries = $1.99, it becomes more of an issue of preference. In Walmart there were still a lot of options for non-vegetarians, but they weren’t as overwhelming as in Super Selectos. To make things fair, I stuck to the same options: Chicken, fries and a pastelito, for a true flavour battle. Only this time the total came to $2.75 what honestly shocked me taking in account the food was the same.

Final Verdict
Flavour: Walmart
The pastelito was bad, the chicken was honestly the same, but the fries were far better. Likewise, the coditos were horrible, the frijoles were okay but the platanos were not bad.

Quantity: Walmart
The size of the chicken leg in Super Selectos was insulting compared to the piece of Walmart, compensating the size of the pastelito. However, the amount of food was definitely overwhelming.

Setting: Super Selectos
Super selectos wins this category hands down, not only because it's a newer and more modern construction, but because of the amount of choices they had making it almost a mini food court.

Service: Super Selectos
Neither was particularly good, as in Super Selectos the woman just wanted to get over with the line and in Walmart everyone was distracted because of the game (Barcelona vs PSG), however the police officer at Walmart greeted us with a bunch of profanities.

Price: Super Selectos
Even Though the portions were larger at Walmart, Super selectos had the best balance and value.

Super Selectos

Vanessa: I would give my vote to Walmart as it made me feel the true “comida a la vista” experience, but I would honestly return more to Super Selectos, as there are still endless combinations I could try at a better price.

Laura: My clear winner was Super Selectos owing to the surprisingly good selection of vegetarian options that Walmart was not close to having.

Final thought: “If my last dinner had to be at a supermarket, I’d choose Super Selectos”

Note: We were not judging drinks this time, but if we did, Super Selectos would have won as well even though WE DIDN'T even try them (the cebada they were selling looked perfect, incredibly perfect). In Walmart, however, we were given salva colas when we ordered 7up (???).


(pas-te-li-to:a corn flour empanada filled with either ground beef or chicken and vegetable mix)

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