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Thursday, 18 May 2017


Edition 003

K-pop FAB or TRASH
April K-pop Recommendation
DIA – Will You Go Out With Me?
April 18th, 2017 - Sofia Martinez
Disclaimer: I didn’t even bother to watch this music video in 1080p cuz they ain’t worth my wifi so that’s why the pictures are low-quality.
To put it simply: I hate DIA. If you ask me which group is like the most untalented, DIA is at the top of my list. Their music is such shxt that they can’t even chart in the Top 100.
DIA is a 9-membered girl group from this company called MBK Entertainment. I think DIA debuted in 2015 or something like that (I don’t care really) and they’ve been flopping[1] ever since. I don’t know if MBK is missing a brain (or several) or whatever but they’ve been trying since forever to get this group to succeed and it ain’t working for them. Besides DIA been untalented af, MBK promotes them instead of T-ARA, a girl group that actually charts, sells, has some sort of recognition from the audience. T-ARA are legends; but we’re not here to talk about them today.
[Half of this video are screenshots of the texts, like I am here to see visuals not some random convo with some random guy]
So basically, the video is about this girl, Chaeyeon, text-dating her boyfriend (how lame tho) and walking around Tokyo. Her friends are also in Tokyo, they meet up and in the end her boyfriend breaks up with her (I think. I don’t know Korean after all).
Why I hate DIA so much: They are untalented, I mean, they only have like two talented people; the main rapper[2], Heehyun, and the main dancer, Eunjin (btw those are like the two of the three names that I know). Also, I heard that this comeback they wrote and composed all their songs, however, in my opinion, for you to do all those things you have to have some sort of tone recognition and these girls are like the queens of tone deafness. So many members and they don’t have a main vocal; sad, in all honesty.
[Heehyun (left) and Eunjin (right) everybody]
Chaeyeon is like MBK’s golden girl cause she’s so famous in Korea due to being a former member of project girl group I.O.I. This already disbanded group (I’m crying as I write this) was formed after hit show Produce 101, where 101 female trainees competed for the top 11 spots with the goal of debuting for a year. Chaeyeon got in (Top 7) but only because of her outstanding visuals and not her talent. MBK puts her in the centre of all dances, she gets the most amount of screen time in their music videos, she has been in like 2 K-dramas already, and has modelled like a lot. For having trained like 6 months, she sure does get all the spotlight.
[She’s pretty, all right, but I mean where’s the talent…]
Another reason why I hate DIA: they like, think they’re a band…? As far as I know only one of these chicks know how to play an instrument and it’s a guitar *insert the unimpressed emoji here*. Chaeyeon plays the tambourine for fxxk’s sake, and some other girl plays the xylophone as if k-pop is in need of the use of a xylophone when everything is manufactured in a computer.
Image result for dia mr pottER showcase

WHO THOUGHT THAT THIS WAS A GOOD DANCE MOVE LIKE WHO ARE YOU PAYING TO DO THESE THINGS MBK. And I am so done with DIA being all about pastel colours, there’s more colours out there you know.
In conclusion, stan talent.

[1] Flop, verb flopping: unsuccessful, nobody cares
[2] Main rapper: Member that is in charge of rapping. Usually they are very good but there are exceptions.

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