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Thursday, 18 May 2017


Edition 003

Let’s Play
Graciela Carolina Menjivar

“Come on Liam! Are you scared?” William said.
“But are you sure nothing bad is gonna happen?” I answered
“Yeah dude, I promise everything is going to be alright... Are you playing or not?”
“Yeah, I guess” I said doubtfully
“So what you have to do is say ‘Ethan’ 5 times in front of a mirror with a candle lighted up, then you will fog up the mirror and write ‘Let’s play’ with your finger”
“That is lame dude, but whatever, I’ll do it.” I said with a laugh.

Why did I even do it? I thought that it was an innocent and non-harmful game but, it wasn’t. I still remember how his whispers crept behind my back when mentioning his name.
The first night I couldn’t even close my eyes… I remember going to the bathroom to wash my face hoping that it was only a bad dream but… He was there. Ethan, a 10 year old blonde boy was standing next to me and staring at me with those blue, big and round powerful eyes. I tried to ignore him but it was impossible because he was always there.
The second night I felt his cold index finger tapping my shoulder when I was brushing my teeth, I wasn't brave enough to look at him so I just tried to pretend that he wasn't there. When Ethan noticed that I was ignoring him, he looked deeply into the mirror and with a big smile he said “Let’s play”. A tear ran down my cheek. I was petrified and didn’t know what to do. I simply closed my eyes for 2 seconds and he was gone.
For 2 whole months, he kept bugging me, and I tried not to tell anyone because I knew it was my fault. He will keep waking me up at midnight asking me if I wanted to play but I always ignored him, until one night. And I regret that night.
“Let’s play” Ethan said eagerly.
“Okay, but what do you wanna play?” I said with a doubt
“Actually, you are not the one playing” He said
“What do you mean?” I asked. At this moment I could feel how my heart wanted to escape from my chest.
Ethan slowly came closer to me and surrounded my neck with his cold lifeless hands until I was out of breath. Then with his claw looking nails he wrote on my arm the name ‘William’. “Who do you wanna pick next?” Ethan said with a whisper on my ear. I was so confused at this stage and I couldn't take it any longer so I screamed my lungs out until I was completely blanked.
Now I’m here, alone, in this padded cell. “Alone”. I’m not actually alone, I can see Ethan standing right in front of me. I swear I’m not crazy! Can’t you see him? He is standing right there in front of you, holding a candle and wearing a white gown. He is right there! Can’t you feel his presence? Don’t you feel his breath and whispers? Because I do! And careful… You dont wanna be my pick...

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