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Tuesday, 20 June 2017


Edition 004

K-pop FAB or TRASH

May K-pop Recommendation

By: Sofia Martinez

May 15th, 2017
The Kings of Mystery concept are back better than ever.
This time, they are gracing us with elegant and dream-like East Asian mythology concept. Just oh my god, what a visually appealing video.
VIXX are a six-membered group from Jellyfish Entertainment (house to girl group gugudan), legendary in terms of vocals and Overwatch rankings. Usually, big groups have two main vocals but VIXX has them and they pride themselves in being a vocally powerful group. They already have 5 years in the industry, and have become famous for their unique concepts raging from Voodoo dolls, Robots, Greek mythology and now East Asian mythology.
Throughout the video, the boys appear in these fantastical backgrounds, whilst they sing with their heavenly throat sounds. Currently I have two must-listen-whilst-I-shower songs from VIXX, Superhero and The Closer, and this comeback was so good that Shangri-La earned itself a place in my shower playlist.
This music video is so unreal but oh so addictive. You don’t even feel the passage of time, and the dance is so elegant and wispy (ugh I just can’t with so much perfection). And the boys are so h a n d s o m e.
Hyuk, I swear I will give him all my money and my soul if he continues being so utterly perfect.
And KEN, just oh my god. So beautiful and ethereal. If I wasn’t a broke-axx student, I would have definitely bought their physical album and just go die because ugh these boys are angelic.
In general, their dances relate a lot with the concept that they are doing; but this comeback I think they went to another level. Although, the choreography this time doesn’t have any acrobatics (like in Voodoo), it matches completely with the concept. The dance with a fan and show light traces of mythology in their dance moves; I’m in love.
VIXX slayed.

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